Adventure Background
Sembia is a peaceful land of mercantile activity where
the folk are relatively safe from the problems that plague
many other realms in Faerûn. However, the land of
Sembia is controlled by the Empire of Netheril, a once-lost
civilization that returned to Toril over a century ago. The
Netherese have a dark and powerful history with strong
ties to the Shadowfell. Their main goal is to unite the
entire world under their rule.
Netheril does whatever it can to preserve the peace and
prosperity of Sembian cities, since Sembia is their primary
trade link with the rest of the world. While most citizens
of Sembia have grown comfortable with this arrangement,
there are a few determined cells of resistance. If a resistance
cell is found by Netheril, it is swiftly crushed. As a
result, those who resist Netherese rule are careful to hide
their cells’ existence.

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